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January 7, 2018

Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men of the Geronimo Division

The Geronimo Division was a guerrilla outfit operating out of the then-town of Lipa. Its request for official recognition was subsequently denied by the United States Army. In this document1, one Ceferino Melo submitted to the United States Army the roster of officers and enlisted men of the 4the Battalion, 143rd Infantry Regiment, Geronimo Division, Manila Military District (MMD), East Central Luzon Guerrilla Area (ECLGA).

The roster is presented in eighteen pages of individually uploaded and embedded PDF documents, which may be enlarged for viewing. The document is properly paginated for the benefit or researchers.

[p. 1]


[p. 2]

[p. 3]

[p. 4]

“A” Company

[p. 5]

[p. 6]

[p. 7]

[p. 8]

“B” Company

[p. 9]

[p. 10]

[p. 11]

[p. 12]

“C” Company

[p. 13]

[p. 14]

[p. 15]

[p. 16]

Rifle Platoon

[p. 17]

[p. 18]

Medical Unit

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