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Letter about Complaint Against Quintin Gellidon, August 1947

The Fil-American Irregular Troops was a large guerrilla outfit founded by ex-United States Army officer Colonel Hugh Straughn. It operated in a wide area in Luzon and had many units in the different towns around the province of Batangas. The Batangas Guerrilla Headquarters, operating in the town of Batangas, was one such unit. In this August 1947 document1, Assistant Provincial Fiscal Irineo V. Bernardo wrote to General Geo F. Moore of the Philippines-Ryukyus Command of the United States Army about a complaint filed against Col. Quintin Gellidon of the Batangas Guerrilla Headquarters-FAIT. [p. 1]
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August 28, 1947

Gen. Geo F. Moore
Major General, U.S. Army
Philrycom, APO 707


My dear General:

Your letter of January 28, 1947, on the above subject, was received in this Office on April 2, 1947. The investigation by this Office has been postponed several times in view of the request of the witnesses stated in your letter for postponement.

For your information, we are sending herewith copies of the letters received by this Office in connection with this case which is self-explanatory.

From the investigationc conducted, it appears that there was no direct evidence showing that any money or sum of money was delivered or given to Colonel Quintin Gellidon. It appears that the money collected by the Guerrilla Units in Tanay was a voluntary contribution of the members of the units which was to be spent for the transportation expenses, food, and other incidental expenses of the representative of the units who were taking the papers regarding the claims for recognition of the proper authorities. It does not appear that there was any misappropriation in the amount of money collected and this Office does not know of any act committed by either Col. Quintin Gellidon or of any members of the Guerrilla units in Tanay which may be construed as an infringement of any law of the land. For this reason, the complaint filed against Colonel Quintin Gellidon is for the time being being dropped by this office for lack of evidence.

For the Provincial Fiscal:

Asst. Provincial Fiscal

Encls.: As stated
Copy furnished:
The Honorable, the Secretary of Justice, Manila
His Excellency, the American Ambassador, Manila

Notes and references:
1 “BATANGAS GRLAS HEADQUARTERS, I CORPS, PQOG,” File No. 110-66, downloaded from PVAO.

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