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Reply to Request for Recognition of Major Phillips Unit, July 1947

The Major Phillips Unit was a guerrilla unit that was founded and operated in or around western Batangas town of Calatagan. It was commanded by one Emilio Macabuag and took its name from a United States Army intelligence officer from whom the guerrilla outfit took directions until the latter was caught and killed by the Japanese. In this July 1947 document1, one Thomas Brown of the Philippines-Ryukyus Command wrote to Major Phillips Unit Commanding Officer Emilio Macabuag in response to the latter’s request for official recognition for the unit.

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GSCPU 091 PI/1481 APO 707
21 JUL 1947

Mr. Emilio Macabuag
Calatagan, Batangas

Dear Mr. Macabuag:

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter, dated 30 June 1947, addressed to Lieutenant Colonel Stuart J. Palos, of this headquarters, concerning the request for recognition of the Major Phillips Unit, which was referred to me for reply.

The request for recognition of the Major Phillips Unit was initially not favorably considered by this headquarters on 12 August 1946. Subsequently, upon your request, the unit was reconsidered. A thorough review was made of the supporting papers of this organization and of the additional evidence submitted with your request for reconsideration. However, this study again failed to reveal sufficient material to satisfy the requirements for recognition of your unit as an element of the Philippine Army in the service of the Armed Forces of the United States. The Major Phillips Unit was therefore not favorably considered for modification of the original decision of non-recognition. A letter to this effect was sent to you at Calatagan, Batangas, on 2 July 1947.

It was emphasized in that letter that this unfavorable decision regarding the request for reconsideration of the Major Phillips Unit constitutes final determination of and action upon the claim for recognition of that organization.

We therefore regret to inform you that no further consideration can be given the claim for recognition of your unit.



Lt. Col Wallace M Hanes:

Basic, ltr fr Emilio Macabuag to Lt Col Stuart J. Palos, dtd 30 Jun 47, requesting further reconsideration of the request for recgn of the Major Phillips Unit and forwarding certificates of Major Razon.

2nd Lt William D. MacMillan Concur: Lt Col S. J. Palos, Chief, Unit Branch

Rewritten by Mr. Herbert H. Quall

Notes and references:
1 “MAJOR PHILLIPS UNIT,” File No. 83, downloaded from PVAO.

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