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Major Phillips Unit Casualties Report

The Major Phillips Unit was a guerrilla unit that was founded and operated in or around western Batangas town of Calatagan. It was commanded by one Emilio Macabuag and took its name from a United States Army intelligence officer from whom the guerrilla outfit took directions until the latter was caught and killed by the Japanese. In this document1, a casualties report was made by Macabuag likely to use as an attachment to its application for official recognition by the United States Army.

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Guerrilla Files

Calatagan Batangas



1. 2nd Lt. Lorenzo Galvez

Lt. Galvez was killed by the Japs at barrio Talibayog, Calatagan, Batangas on January 27, 1945. Lt. Galvez, together with Capt. Macabuag and Lt. Hernandez, had conferred with two Americans from Camp Nimitz, Mindoro at San PedriƱo Pt. With two companions, he was on his way to Balayan carrying valuable information for the guerrillas when he was intercepted by a Japanese patrol of seven men in the early dawn of January 27. In the subsequent encounter that followed, he was killed by the Japs who then retreated for reinforcement.

2. Sgt. Dalmacio Aytona

3. Cpl Sixto Buceta

These two daring couriers of the unit were captured by the Japanese on March 13, 1944 and were confined and tortured by the Japs at their garrison in Nasugbu, Batangas. They never squealed anything nor admitted any connection with the Unit. They were last seen alive in the month of May. They were never released but the exact date and place where they were murdered were not definitely known.


1. Pfc Emilio Balbago

Pfc Balibago volunteered and joined the Combat Battalion of the Rainbow Regiment of Col. Mariano H. Cabarrubia which was attached to the 11th Airborne Division under Major General Swing. He was wounded in Lemery, Batangas while spearheading the advance of the 158th Regimental Combat Team under Brigadier General MacRider on March 6, 1945. He was brought to Leyte Army Hospital by transport plane.

Captain, Commanding Officer
Notes and references:
1 “MAJOR PHILLIPPS UNIT,” File No. 83, downloaded from PVAO.
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