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Roster of the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas

The San Jose Batangas Guerrillas was another unit in the province of Batangas that fought the Japanese under the banner of the large guerrilla organization called Fil-American Irregular Troops, commanded by the former United States Army Col. Hugh Straughn until he was caught and executed by the Japanese. The San Jose unit was commanded by one Amado Masilungan. In this document1 is contained the roster of guerrillas officially recognized as an element of the Philippine Army in service of the United States Armed Forces during the liberation of the Philippines.
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The gentlemen whose names appear in the rosters below were originally recognized as part of a larger guerrilla outfit called the Folsom’s Fil-American Irregular Troops. However, this group’s application was, after reinvestigation, found to be anomalous; and the recognition was revoked.

However, the guerrillas from San Jose who fought side-by-side with United States Army soldiers were given another name, the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas, and given official recognition separate from the Folsom’s outfit.

The rosters are posted below as individual images, duly paginated for the benefit of researchers.

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1 “San Jose Batangas Grlas, FAIT,” File No. 110-37, downloaded from PVAO.

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