Affidavit of Galicano Luansing Jr. on the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas, March 1946 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore Affidavit of Galicano Luansing Jr. on the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas, March 1946 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

Affidavit of Galicano Luansing Jr. on the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas, March 1946

The San Jose Batangas Guerrillas was another unit in the province of Batangas that fought the Japanese under the banner of the large guerrilla organization called Fil-American Irregular Troops, commanded by the former United States Army Col. Hugh Straughn until he was caught and executed by the Japanese. The San Jose unit was commanded by one Amado Masilungan. In this document1, Galicano Luansing, commander of the Luansing Unit that operated in Rosario, testified on matters pertaining to the leadership of the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas.
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United States of America
Commonwealth of the Philippines
City of Manila

I, Galicano M. Luansing Jr., Capt. Inf. O-46316, of legal age, married, and at present on duty with the Recovered Personnel Division, AFWESPAC APO 707, after having been sworn to in accordance with law, depose and say:

That I was the Commanding Officer of the Fil-American Batangas Guerrillas, a duly recognized guerrilla organization that operated in the province of Batangas during the Japanese occupation;

That upon assumption of command as CO of the abovementioned unit on 1 April 44, I began working for the coordination and cooperation of all accredited guerrillas in the province of Batangas;

That on the abovementioned date, one of the independent units already in existence previously and inducted into my unit was the San Jose Unit of Maj. Amado A. Masilungan;

That while still under the command of my former CO, Lt. Col. Espina, in the year 1943, I frequented the sector of Maj. Masilungan and have known of their various activities;

That aside from Maj. A. Masilungan, the only known guerrilla leader and organizer in San Jose Town was Lt. Col. Pedro Kalalo, a fact that can be unanimously substantiated by the people of San Jose;

That during the whole period of my guerrilla activities, I have never heard of the following persons to be in any way connected to any guerrilla outfit, or carried out any marked anti-Japanese movement to be worthy of mention:
a. Jose C. Aguila
b. Alfredo C. Aguila
c. Fernando Aguila
d. Briccio Aguila
e. Their brothers-in-law, wives, cousins and even friends not from San Jose, but presently claiming connections in said guerrilla units.

That the abovementioned facts [claims is more appropriate] are anomalies and irregularities that tend to smear the names of those real guerrilleros, and whose circumstances are being incriminated due to the utmost unscrupulousness of some opportunist-would-be-patriot.

That this affidavit is executed in order to rectify the anomalies perpetrated against the unit of San Jose under Maj. A. Masilungan.

Affiant further sayeth none.

Capt. Inf. 0-46316
Fil-American Batangas Guerrillas

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of March 46 at HPA Manila.

[Sgd.] Emiliano O. Ozaeta
Maj. Inf. 0-35570
Acting Chairman, LSB #7 HPA

Notes and references:
1 “San Jose Batangas Grlas, FAIT,” File No. 110-37, downloaded from PVAO.
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