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Info on the Ibaan Regiment from Col. Quintin Gellidon, June 1945

The Ibaan Regiment was one of many units of the Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT), a large guerrilla group founded by the former US Army officer Hugh Straughn, that was operating in Batangas during the Japanese Occupation. It was commanded by one Sixto Guerra. In this document1, Col. Quintin Gellidon, a guerrilla coordinator for Batangas, provided information on the Ibaan Regiment.

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Guerrilla Files

11th Airborne Division
APO 468

17 June 45
: Info on Batangas Fil-American Batangas Regiment
: United States Army Training Group

1. The Ibaan Regiment, Fil-American Guerrillas was organized in early 1943 by Capt Jorge D. Espina after he had contacted Col. Hugh Straughn at Bo. Malaya, Pililla, Rizal. He enlisted the help of Sixto M. Guerra and Galicano Luansing, Jr. to organize two units, one at Ibaan and another at Rosario, Batangas.

2. After several months of organization, Jap spies learned of the activities of the guerrillas of these towns and in the pacification campaign of Jap collaborators, the leaders and their followers were prevailed upon to surrender and laid down their arms.

3. In 1944, Espina was captured by the Japs and since then, nothing more was learned of him. Lt. Col. Galicano Luansing, Jr. organized his own regiment with the help of Lt. Col. Isaac Farol in Rosario while Lt. Col. Sixto M. Guerra established his own regiment at Ibaan with Major Iluminado Medrano, who was a 3rd Lt. P.A. before the war as his executive officer. Thus came to exist the Luansing and Sixto Guerra factions of the Batangas Fil-Americans.

4. Very little combat activities were reported during 1944 other than organization and hiding themselves from Jap M. P.’s.

5. When Major Jay D. Vanderpool arrived at Looc, Batangas in December 1944 with the undersigned officer, contacts were made by Lt. Col. Luansing who received various instructions from Major Vanderpool.

6. Lt. Col. Guerra reported to Major C. N. Schommer of the 187th P. G. Inf at Tagaytay in Feb 1945 about his organization and later was conferred with Major William J. Schloth in March 1945.

7. The men under the Ibaan Regiment cooperated with the 158 RCT and the 188th in patrol work and as guides.

8. The Ibaan Regiment consists of two battalions, with [a] total of 8 companies; total enlistment about 700 to 800; few rifles. One company of the Ibaan Regiment consisting of 100 enlisted men and officers and has been recognized.

9. I believe if the entire Ibaan Regiment is processed, some three hundred men can be gathered in about one week or so.

10. Due to the experience of Capt Sixto Guerra (PA) and some of his officers, this outfit can turn out two good companies, but not a regiment.

11. Attached is [a] roster of [the] Guerra Company submitted for recognition and the Ibaan Regiment from which the above company has been formed.

Overall Guerrilla Commander
11th Airborne Division


Roster of Guerra Co
Roster of Ibaan Regt
Notes and references:
1 “Ibaan Rgt Fil-Amer Batangas Guerrillas FAIT,” File No. 110-6, downloaded from PVAO.
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