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Instructions to Regimental Commanders Prior to the Nasugbu Landing, January 1945

The Luansing Unit Fil-American Batangas Guerrillas were commanded by one Galicano Luansing and known loosely as the “Luansing’s Unit.” This guerrilla outfit was at one time or the other during the Japanese occupation affiliated with the Fil-American Irregular Troops and also the President Quezon’s Own Guerrillas. By the time the Allied forces return to the Philippines, it was operating independently. This unit assisted the United States Army in campaigns against the Japanese forces from Balayan, Batangas Town, Lipa, Rosario and San Juan. In this document1, Luansing issued “pertinent” instructions to all regimental commanders regarding the coming “landing,” presumably that of the United States 8th Army on the beaches at Nasugbu on 31 January 1945.

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Guerrilla Files jpeg
Batangas Guerrillas
Office of the Commanding Officer

25 Jan. 45

: Pertinent Instructions for the "LANDING."
: All Guerrillas Concerned

I – For the information and proper quidance of all Regimental Commanders of this unit, the following are some pertinent instructions that must be accomplished prior to the landing.

a – Roster of Officers and EM (Triplicate copy)
b – Daily Roster
c – Regimental CP
d – List of all arms and ammunition in your command. List by type, make and rounds. Number serviceable.

II – Carry out a census of the following within your sector:

a – Civilians willing to work for the landing forces as laborers.
b – Technical men, such as Radio Operators, Radio Technicians, Drivers, Draftsmen, Mechanics, Carpenters, Engineers, Masons, and all former employees of the Manila Railroad Co. Advise all these men to be available at all times.
c – Guides – Have in your CP good guides up to all possible points of operation from your sector. Very important.
d – By this time, all active and trained men must be intact in your respective CPs.

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III – Expedite.

Lieut-Col. (Inf.) Guer.,

1 – Balagtas
1 – Laurel
1 – Farol
1 – Guerra
1 – Pasia
1 – Gagalac
1 – File

Notes and references:
1 “Luansing Unit, Fil-American Batangas Guerrillas,” File No. 63, downloaded from PVAO.

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