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Lt. Bromley's Report on the Guerra Company, Ibaan Regiment

The Ibaan Regiment was one of many units of the Fil-American Irregular Troops, a large guerrilla group founded by the former US Army officer Hugh Straughn, that was operating in Batangas during the Japanese Occupation. It was commanded by one Sixto Guerra. In this document document1 one Lt. Bruce Bromley Jr. of the United States Army filed an investigative report on the Guerra Company of the Ibaan Regiment.

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Guerrilla Files


1. 2nd Lt Bruce Bromley Jr investigated the unit files and reports of investigation of the Ibaan Regiment to determine whether or not the recognized portion of this unit, the Guerra Company, is worthy of revision of present recognition dates. The Guerra Company was recognized by letter, Headquarters 6th Army APO 442, AG 384 A-8, dated 6 June 1945. This report is limited to discussion of the Guerra Company and is based on findings pertinent to the entire Ibaan Regiment.

2. HISTORY: (See attached unit file)


a. Several persons were interviewed possessing knowledge of the subject unit and their statements, interested and disinterested, are reflected in the findings.

b. In reference to the unit history, the following is noted: the Ibaan Regiment was organized in early 1943 by Capt Jorge Espina, by order of Col Hugh Straughn. Sixto Guerra aided the organization in the municipality of Ibaan, Batangas. The Japanese learned of this organization and Filipino collaborators persuaded the unit commanders to lay down their arms and to cease all activity. Espina was captured in March, 1944, and Guerra assumed command of the dormant regiment. Prior to the American landing, the unit activities consisted of small scale patrolling, sabotage, and intelligence activities. During the liberation, Guerra contacted Major Schommer of the 187th PG Inf at Tagaytay, and one company of 101 members were attached to the 11th Airborne and were duly recognized for their services. The above history is the result of a field investigation by Lt G R Bond, formerly of this headquarters.

The alleged unit history concurs with the findings of Lt Bond, although the phraseology employed tends to exaggerate the facts.

In reference to a letter, Headquarters Batangas Guerrillas, 11th Airborne Division, APO 468, dated 17 June 1945, subject Info on Batangas Fil-American, Batangas Regiment, to USA Training Group, AFPAC APO 500, from Col Quintin Gellidon, it is noted that substance of the letter deals with an outline of subject unit activities concurring generally with the two previous preferences. No recommendations were proferred with respect to deserving activities before the liberation.

c. In reference to the field investigation of the unit, conducted by Lt Bond, the following is noted: (discussion, pertinent to the period of occupation) – “...It was stated that in addition to their duties as Guerrillas, those men on active status, were able to support their families. Prior to the American landing, no guerrillas in this unit were killed our wounded in encounters with the Japanese, although those killed were, numbering 30, taken from their

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d. In reference to affidavits and written records presented to this headquarters as evidence, the following facts are noted: all such affidavits and written records substantiate the existence of the unit but do not reveal or allege any activities prior to the liberation that might possibly warrant revision of present recognition dates.

e. In summary, the subject unit makes no allegations revealing any expectation of back pay, although several allegations have been made in reference to additional recognition. In the opinion of the undersigned, Lt Bond’s report is accurate and complete and his recommendation is commensurate with the facts and findings of the case.

4. POLITICAL ASPECTS: This unit does not appear to have any political affiliations nor aspirations.

5. RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that the Guerra Co be not favorably considered for revision of present recognition dates.

2nd Lt., Inf
Notes and references:
1 “Ibaan Rgt Fil-Amer Batangas Guerrillas FAIT,” File No. 110-6, downloaded from PVAO.
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