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Lt. Jose Zuño’s Combat Report, 25 March 1945

The Luansing Unit Fil-American Batangas Guerrillas were commanded by one Galicano Luansing and known loosely as the “Luansing’s Unit.” This guerrilla outfit was at one time or the other during the Japanese occupation affiliated with the Fil-American Irregular Troops and also the President Quezon’s Own Guerrillas. By the time the Allied forces return to the Philippines, it was operating independently. This unit assisted the United States Army in campaigns against the Japanese forces from Balayan, Batangas Town, Lipa, Rosario and San Juan. In this document1, one Lt. Jose Zuño filed a combat report regarding encounters with the Japanese in March of 1945.

Guerrilla Files

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Combat Company, 1st Guerrilla Infantry
In the Field

25 March 45
: Combat Report
: The C.O., 1st Guerrilla Infantry, Batangas Guerrillas, Rosario, Bats.

1. On or about 5:00 A.M. of March 24, 1945, the Guerrilla units of Rosario encountered the Japanese patrol in the barrio of San Roque, Rosario, Batangas. The exchange of fire lasted for an hour but 9 Japanese supposed to be the patrol at Ibaan that morning were able to escape the encounter. They were pursued by our Combat unit but were able to reach the territory of Lipa before we could reach the place where they were last seen by the civilians an hour later.

2. Results:

a. 1 Gasoline tank truck was set aflame.
2 Japanese killed
1 Officer, the rank of which could not be determined as the uniform was burned, and his identity as an officer was recognized by his saber.
1 Chauffeur
2 Bayonets
1 Officer’s saber
1 Japanese rifle
b. No casualties on our side.

3. On or about 12:00 noon, the Japanese reinforcements of about 200 as per report by the civilians arrived and encountered our unit. There was a brief exchange of rifle fire. Our machine gun suffered a stoppage and was placed out of commission. The enemy, being superior in number and in fire due to their machine guns, forced us to retreat and leave our position. We went back to our camp for reorganization but we received instructions from the American unit in Ibaan thru Guerrilla forces of that town to have our unit stationed in camp for safety precaution as Rosario will be subjected to artillery firing. At present, the unit is back here in camp waiting for further orders and developments of the military operation of the American forces. Meanwhile, patrols are sent around the vicinity of Rosario, together with agents for intelligence purposes.

Results: No casualties on our side.

1st Lt., B.A., USAFFE
Comdg. and Regt’l S-3

[p. 2]

1st Indorsement

TO: The C. O. Batangas Guerrillas

1. Forwarded for information.
Lt. Col., Guerrilla Infantry
Notes and references:
1 “Luansing Unit, Fil-American Batangas Guerrillas,” File No. 63, downloaded from PVAO.
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