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Letter to Luansing about Non-Revision of Recognition Dates, July 1947

The Luansing Unit Fil-American Batangas Guerrillas were commanded by one Galicano Luansing and known loosely as the “Luansing’s Unit.” This guerrilla outfit was at one time or the other during the Japanese occupation affiliated with the Fil-American Irregular Troops and also the President Quezon’s Own Guerrillas. By the time the Allied forces return to the Philippines, it was operating independently. This unit assisted the United States Army in campaigns against the Japanese forces from Balayan, Batangas Town, Lipa, Rosario and San Juan. In this document1, one Thomas Brown of the Adjutant General’s Office of the Philippines-Ryukyus Command, wrote to Galicano Luansing to inform that latter of non-favorable consideration of a request for revision of recognition dates.

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GSCPU 091 PI APO 707
1 JUL 1947

Mr. V. Luansing
Rosario, Batangas

Dear Mr. Luansing:

The Commanding General has directed that you be informed that the Luansing Company, Fil-American Batangas Guerrillas, a guerrilla unit under your nominal control, recognized by letter Headquarters USAFFE, dated 1 April 1945, has not been favorably considered for revision of its present recognition dates

A thorough and detailed examination of all supporting papers submitted and the history of your unit, together with a careful analysis of all other available information of the military activities of your unit from its inception, scrutinized in relation to the overall resistance movement, has failed to justify sufficiently the establishment of a date of recognition other than that presently published.

This letter constitutes the final determination of and action upon the period of official recognition of the Luansing Company.



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Col. Gerald F. Lillard:

1. The Luansing Co Fil-American Batanags Grlas, recognized by letter, Hqs USAFFE, dtd 1 Apr 45, FEPA 370.64, has not been favorably considered for revision of present recognition dates. The recognized portion of the unit consists of 96 members, whose effective date of recognition was 11 February 1945.

2. This unit does not fulfil the requirements of the five basic points for recognition during the occupation.

3. No useful purpose will be served by further investigations of this unit.

4. The approved report of initial investigation makes the following recommendations on the casualties that are not approved by this Division: “It is recommended... that this casualty roster receive unfavorable consideration.”

[Sgd.] 2nd Lt Bruce Bromley Jr.

1. Concur: Major D. C. Murray, Chief, Revision Sec

2. Concur: Capt R. C. Wilson, Chief, Casualty Sec

3. Concur: Lt Col S. J. Palos, Chief, Unit Branch

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Transcribed from the Letter of Luansing on the Non-Revision of Recognition Dates, Online at the PVAO.

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