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Lt. Kenneth Neubauer's Revision Report on the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas

The San Jose Batangas Guerrillas was another unit in the province of Batangas that fought the Japanese under the banner of the large guerrilla organization called Fil-American Irregular Troops, commanded by the former United States Army Col. Hugh Straughn until he was caught and executed by the Japanese. The San Jose unit was commanded by one Amado Masilungan. In this document1, one Lt. Kenneth Neubauer of the United States Army filed an investigative report on the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas relative to the unit’s request for revision of the earlier published recognition dates.

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San Jose Batangas Guerrillas

1. 1st Lt Kenneth H Neubauer, on 6 January 1948, investigated the unit file and all pertinent documents of the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas to determine whether or not the present recognition dates of this unit should be revised. The San Jose Batangas Guerrillas was recognized by Ltr, Hq PHILRYCOM, dated 6 January 1948 for the period 15 March to 26 September 1945.


a. In April 1942, the subject unit was organized jointly by Amado Masilungan and Pedro Pasia. The organization was initially associated with Straughn’s FAIT. After the death of Straughn, the unit was attached to the PQOG. A rupture occurred as a result of a territorial boundary dispute and, thereafter, the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas operated as an independent unit. In 1943, Masilungan and Pasia separated and, thus, creating two units out of the original one. Masilungan remained the CO of the San Jose group and Pasia organized the Maculot Regiment. However, Pasia still maintained the position of overall commander of both organizations. After the liberation, Masilungan was persuaded by a certain Jose Aguila to join Folsom’s Fil-American Guerrillas. This he did, and as a result, Masilungan’s organization was reorganized to conform to a T/O and was redesignated the 4th Bn, 1st Regiment, Folsom’s Fil-American Guerrillas. Reinvestigation of the Folsom Command has resulted in revocation by Ltr, Hq PHILRYCOM, dated 6 January 1948 of the 4th Bn, 1st Regt, FFAG. Concurrently, reinstatement of recognition of one company of the subject unit was made by the above letter, this company was redesignated the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas.

b. Occupation activities as claimed by the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas are:

(1) Intelligence
(2) Maintenance of peace and order
(3) Dissemination of news and propaganda
(4) Bolstering morale of the civilian populace


a. Prior to this investigation, the undersigned had previously spent three weeks in investigating Folsom’s Fil-American Guerrillas, which included members of the subject unit. A field investigation for the present report was not deemed necessary.

b. The occupation activities of the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas are insufficient to warrant revision of the present recognition period.

(1) Claims of intelligence activities of this unit are without foundation. This unit was an independent organization and had no outlet for any type of intelligence gathered.

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(2) Maintenance of peace and order alone is not classified as guerrilla activity. The maintenance of peace and order would classify the organization as a “homeguard” group.

(3) Propaganda activities are not substantiated by supporting evidence. Dissemination of news of the day cannot be classified as guerrilla activity.

c. During the time the unit was affiliated with Straughn’s FAIT, it followed his “lay-low” orders. At no time during the occupation period was there evidence of active resistance against the enemy.

d. No useful purpose will be accomplished by further investigation of this unit. There are no members worthy of revision of presently established recognition period.

e. A casualty roster has been submitted to the Casualty Section. The casualties will be considered individually and receive whatever action indicated by individual merit.


This unit does not appear to have any political affiliations or aspirations.


It is recommended that the San Jose Batangas Guerrillas be not favorably considered for revision of its present recognition dates.

1st Lt., CAC

Notes and references:

1 “San Jose Batangas Grlas, FAIT,” File No. 110-37, downloaded from PVAO.

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