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December 30, 2017

Masilungan's Request for Investigation of Anomalous Roster, November 1945

The San Jose Batangas Guerrillas was another unit in the province of Batangas that fought the Japanese under the banner of the large guerrilla organization called Fil-American Irregular Troops, commanded by the former United States Army Col. Hugh Straughn until he was caught and executed by the Japanese. The San Jose unit was commanded by one Amado Masilungan. In this document1 Masilungan wrote to the Commanding General, through channels, of the United States Armed Forces in the Western Pacific requesting for an investigation of what he called an “anomalous roster” of the Fil-American Batangas Guerrillas.

Hq. 4th Bn. 1st Inf. Regiment

27 November 1945



: Anomalous Roster, Fil-American Guerrillas, Batangas District, Investigation, Request for

: The Commanding General, AFWESPAC ATTN. Guerrilla Section Thru Lt. Col. Charles W. Folsom, U.S.A., Commander-in-Chief, Fil-American Guerrillas, Central & Southern Luzon Sector

1. The roster of the troops of the 1st Regiment, Fil-American Guerrillas, as submitted to that office for recognition, does not represent the real members of the unit who actually took active part in the organization. Men who actually fought, suffered and died in the field prior to and during the liberation of Batangas against the enemy unfortunately are not included in the roster. It will be a great injustice to the men who have written their names in blood along the creeks of Batangas if their sacrifices are allowed to be misrepresented. (Roster of troops attached Incl. No. 1)

2. The roster includes names of men and women who have done nothing to justify themselves as members of any guerrilla unit except, perhaps, to secure for themselves benefits and privileges by fraudulent means. (See attached, Incl. No. 2)

3. The undersigned, as the actual organizer and leader of more than seven hundred men in San Jose, Batangas, representing the 4th Battalion, has under his command the true rosters who actually fought, suffered and died in the field fighting against the enemy. All of these men will bear witness to actual facts.

4. In justice to the men who fought, suffered and died in the field, and in justice to the government of the United States of America and to the Filipino people as a whole, it is requested that a thorough investigation of facts be made as regards this erroneous roster of troops of the 1st Regiment, Fil-American Guerrillas, as submitted to that office for recognition, so that fraudulent enlisted men can be prevented.

Civil Engineer
Organizer & Leader
4th Bn., Batangas District.


As stated above.


Col Pedro B. Villanueva
Lt Col Jose C. Aguila

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Notes and references:

1 “San Jose Batangas Grlas, FAIT,” File No. 110-37, downloaded from PVAO.

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