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Request for Reconsideration on Non-Recognition of Supplementary Roster, March 1946

The Luansing Unit Fil-American Batangas Guerrillas were commanded by one Galicano Luansing and known loosely as the “Luansing’s Unit.” This guerrilla outfit was at one time or the other during the Japanese occupation affiliated with the Fil-American Irregular Troops and also the President Quezon’s Own Guerrillas. By the time the Allied forces return to the Philippines, it was operating independently. This unit assisted the United States Army in campaigns against the Japanese forces from Balayan, Batangas Town, Lipa, Rosario and San Juan. In this document1, Luansing wrote to the Commanding General, through channels, of the Armed Forces in the Western Pacific Area (AFWESPAC) asking for reconsideration of the non-favorable decision regarding the recognition of the supplementary roster submitted by the guerrilla outfit.

Guerrilla Files
29 March 1946
: Reconsideration of Decision for Recognition
: The Commanding General
APO 707
1. Request for reconsideration for request of recognition of this unit for the following reasons:

a. Referring to the cited reasons embodied in par 2, of hereto attached decision of that headquarters re- request for recognition of the supplementary roster of this unit, (received 20 Mar 45), accompanying history of command of this unit and circumstances surrounding thereto will prove that actually, no change of command over the same men, sector, and unit occurred.

b. Additional supporting, original papers recently gathered by this command, hitherto attached (due to its bulk and sentimental value, the undersigned cannot risk sending them by mail, but is willing to present them personally anytime) will actually prove the number of active men and members in operation ever since its organization.

c. The following circumstances have rather made this command to believe that it has been quite seemingly discriminated [against] in the accordance of recognition:

1. This unit was never asked to submit a roster of recognition. It was asked only to submit a roster of all the men attached to the 11th A/B Div. and from which roster, Maj. Jack Barton or his staff then rearranged and submitted to higher headquarters for recognition. For veracity of this statement, the undersigned challenges the headquarters to verify the original roster of a company of men recognized of this unit for any signature of the commanding officer or any of his members. However, this command upon the submission of that roster of men actually attachedo the 11th A/B Div. simultaneously submitted a roster of all its active members. This roster, upon verification from Col. Quintin Gellidon, was forwarded to Maj. Otti, but which the latter, upon verification misplaced, as admitted personally to the undersigned. The above matter has been personally expounded to Maj. Otti, by the undersigned, and as he explains it, “nobody is to blame because although my unit has been quite a victim of circumstances, those men at that time were working without definite policies or everything was Snafu at that time, and because the roster I submitted simultaneously with the roster of men officially attached could no longer be located, he instructed me to submit my supplementary roster and he would recommend it for recognition. While practically all units have been given the privilege of working out their rosters for recognition, such privilege was never exercised by this command.

2. There are units which for the most part of the Japanese occupation were under this command, and even after the liberation of their areas of responsibility, accorded recognition on more justifiable or better terms than this unit, for reasons the undersigned prefers to expound personally to that headquarters, any time it is given the opportunity to be interviewed.

2. For further reasons, why this command feels a right for reconsideration of its case, and which reasons will greatly enlighten that headquarters regar-

[p. 2]

ding the present re-investigation of certain recognized guerrillas, the undersigned respectfully requests for an interview.

Capt. Inf. (PA)
C O, Luansing’s Unit
Notes and references:
1 “Luansing Unit, Fil-American Batangas Guerrillas,” File No. 63, downloaded from PVAO.
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