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Letter to the US Army about Anomalies in Balayan, March 1947

The Pioneer Balayan Town Guerrilla Unit was one of many units of the large Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT) organized by the retired American Colonel Hugh Straughn at the onset of the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. This guerrilla organization had many such units operating in other towns of Batangas, including the town of Balayan. The Balayan unit was organized by Majors Rodolfo Bahia and Amador de Guito. Hence, it was also referred to as the Bahia-Deguito unit. In this document1, one Pedro Alix wrote to the Commanding General of the Philippines-Ryukyus Command of the United States Army with information about alleged anomalies in Balayan related to applications for official recognition by guerrilla groups.

Guerrilla Files

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Balayan, Batangas
March 3, 1947

General Moore, Commanding General
of the PHILRYCOM in the Philippines

Dear Sir:

I will bring this attention to your command about the anomalies being done in Balayan, Batangas. I am telling this to you, Sir: not because I want to make a good name under your command if these anomalies will be proven and justified.

During the Japanese occupation, the only guerrillas active and existed in this place was the Blue Eagle Command. These units had been participating helping American forces [in] driving out the enemy from this place. Units who were just organized when landing was already here, of course they helped but they were just few. If I am not mistaken, they just ran a hundred. Now, they pour thousands of them.

These people are trying to blind American people and wanted to make a name. These people ought to be tried and investigated. They wanted to sabotage America by their unclean thoughts. Getting the money of Uncle Sam without any hardship at all. This should not be tolerated Sir: an immediate investigation should be acted.

If, under your command, guerrillas of this place will be compensated, then the honor will go to the “Blue Eagle Command.” I know this Sir; because I am a native of this place. I myself helped the underground movements but I did not ask to be compensated because my work is not enough to be compensated.

Why give these people a break, when these people are not fit to eat the break? Some people enrich themselves by these anomalies. A man, for example, tries to form an organization, explaining to the members that they will have their back payment for three years like the ex-USAFFE. After the organization is formed, he approaches the guerrilla leader who is already recognized and after [a] certain agreement, this organization is already connected to the recognized unit. Then, contribution is asked from every member. Their money is used according to the leader for recognition, giving it to the members of the “AFWESPAC”... So, the leader says, immediate attention will be given. The followers who are eager and interested in the back payment, without any delay, contributions are voluntarily given.

One fellow here by the name of “Fernando Behis,” who enriched himself buying and selling scrap iron and other metals to the Japanese company that was here during the occupation, now a captain in the guerrillas. This fellow, Sir: had done nothing for being a guerrilla. He enriched himself during the occupation, now he is trying to enrich himself this liberation.

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This fellow, when the American forces landed in Nasugbu, Batangas, he evacuated his family to Nasugbu, and stayed there. Because he acquired money during the occupation, he started [a] business with that money. For about a month after the liberation, he went to Occidental Negros and [was engaged] in [the] sugar business. After his return here in Balayan, Batangas, he heard that AFWESPAC was recognizing guerrillas. You know what he did Sir: he formed an organization and appointed himself a captain. Yet, he had done nothing at all. Instead, he will be accused of treason for selling to the enemy iron and other metals taken from sinking ships and boats during the occupation, now he makes another attempt.

He is now connected Sir: to the Phil American Guerrillas in Balayan, Batangas. He is now waiting for recognition. He collected plenty of money at present for the coming of [an] American processing team here. Members of this fellow should not be accepted, they are all fake guerrillas. Fernando Behis is his name, Sir, I repeat. If his name appears in the roster of [the] Phil American Guerrillas in Balayan, immediate investigation should be acted. I think he will be easily caught, he knows nothing [about] how to handle a gun, and besides, ]the men he] tried to gather under his command know nothing about guns. Because he just picked it only somewhere. These people are just listed by this fellow. Mostly [the] are fishermen and farmers. Of course, there are [a] few who know because they are students.

If this fellow will not be investigated immediately, he will come out Captain connected to the Phil American Guerrillas without any hardship at all. Now, they are ready for processing and they are working for it.

I appeal to you Sir: for immediate investigation before this unit is processed. I think this fellow is not doubt not to [be] caught. I could not see any reason why this fellow is not caught if immediate investigation is being acted.

Respectfully yours

P S Sir:

For the safety of the writer if
investigation of that unit
and the man I mention, I hope
you Sir my name should [not] be mentioned.
Notes and references:
1 “Pioneer Balayan Town Guerrillas, Deguito Unit FAIT,” File No. 110-42, downloaded from PVAO.
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