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Report on the GHQ Batangas Force FAIT, February 1947

The Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT) was a large guerrilla organization that operated in Luzon during the Japanese occupation during World War II up to the liberation of the Philippines. The organization was founded by the retired American Army officer Hugh Straughn and had units in many localities in Luzon, including Batangas. The GHQ Batangas Force, purportedly founded by one Jorge Espina, who was subsequently killed by the Japanese, was one of the units who sought recognition as an element of the Philippine Army in the service of the United States Armed Forces. In this document1 is contained the report after an investigation conducted on this guerrilla outfit by Lts. George Kemper and Richard Roth as part of the protocol followed after a request for official recognition by any guerrilla group.

Guerrilla Files

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25 February 1947

Report on “General Headquarters, Batangas Force, FAIT”

1. 1st Lt George E. Kemper and 2d Lt. Richard R. Roth proceeded to Ibaan, Batangas, on 20 February 1947 to investigate the “General Headquarters, Batangas Force, FAIT.”

2. ALLEGED HISTORY: (See History of Ibaan Regiment in attached unit file).


a. The following persons were interviewed and their statements are reflected in the findings:
Lt. Col. Sixto M. Guerra — C.O. Ibaan Regiment
Major I. R. Medrano — Exec. Ibaan Regiment
Captain Ramon S. Abaya — Chaplain, General Hqs
Captain Loreto A. Abaya — C.O. Hqs. Co., Gen. Hqs.
Captain Juan Marino — Ibaan Regiment
1st Lt. Juan T. Mercado — D. C. General Hqs
1st Lt. Benito K. Reyes — D. C. General Hqs
1st Lt. Louis R. Ilagan — Ibaan Regiment
1st Lt. Tomas Altamirano — Ibaan Regiment
2d Lt Marcial Caringal — Ibaan Regiment
2d Lt Toribia Espina — ANC, General Hqs
Sgt German Guerra — Ibaan Regiment
Cpl Graciano Espina — General Headquarters
Pedro Dimayoga [likely Dimayuga] — Ibaan Regiment
Braulio Pimaano [likely Dimaano] — Ibaan Regiment
Pedro M. Reyes — Ibaan Regiment
b. The record of service was not substantiated by sufficient acceptable evidence. The unit has submitted no original roster, record of joining or enlistment or other evidence to support its claim of being an active organization during the occupation. During the course of the investigation, it was learned that the evidence pertaining to this unit was, in fact, the same as that of the Headquarters, Batangas Guerrillas, the Luansing Company, the Guerra Company and the Batangas Town Unit when these units submitted their supplementary rosters for recognition. The original combat groups of the above units received recognition by the 11th Airborne Division in the strengths of 98 for Headquarters, Batangas Guerrillas; 91 for the Luansing Company; 101 for the Guerra Company; and 121 for the Batangas Town Unit. All subsequent requests for recognition of the supplementary rosters of these same units were not favorably considered. The unit rosters and the request for recognition of the subject unit were prepared by I. R. Medrano, Executive Officer of the Ibaan Regiment which was an augmentation of the Guerra Company.

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c. The unit was not maintained satisfactorily in the field in opposition to the enemy because this unit, as submitted, was not an active guerrilla organization. The roster was found to be a supplement to the supplemental rosters submitted by the Batangas Guerrilla Headquarters, the Luansing Company, the Guerra Company and the Batangas Town Guerrillas. These individuals on this roster were not included in any of the supplementary rosters of the above units when they applied for recognition of additional personnel.

d. There was no organization in this unit as the roster is merely a supplement composed of individuals never placed on a roster and was set up in unit form principally to conform as closely as possible to the tables of organization. The unit did not actually exist as a guerrilla unit nor does it make any pretext of functioning as such.

e. The performance of this unit did not indicate adequate control by its officers inasmuch as the officers themselves were not only excluded from the original rosters but, as professional men and Doctors, maintained their business offices and continued their own private practices.

f. This unit is wholly a composite supplement to [the] abovementioned Batangas Guerrilla Units who requested recognition of supplemental rosters. No evidence was submitted to substantiate any additional claim, and there is no basis for further consideration of this unit.

g. No useful purpose will be accomplished by further investigation of this unit.

4. POLITICAL ASPECTS: This unit does not appear to have any political aspirations or affiliations.

5. RECOMMENDATIONS: It is recommended that the General Headquarters, Batangas Force, FAIT, be not favorably considered for recognition.
[Sgd.] George E. Kemper
1st Lt., CAC
[Sgd.] Richard R. Roth
2nd Lt., Infantry
Notes and references:
1 “GHQ, Batangas Force, FAIT,” File No. 110-3, downloaded from PVAO.
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