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December 30, 2017

Galicia’s Request for Reconsideration of Revision of Recognition Dates, February 1948

The 1st Battalion, “B” Company, Batangueño Unit was a guerrilla organization affiliated with the MFA or Marking’s Fil-Americans. The latter was a larger organization operating in Luzon commanded by one Marcos Agustin, hence the nickname “Marking.” This organization absorbed elements of Hugh Straughn’s Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT) after the American commander was captured and executed by the Japanese Army. Hence, the name “Marking’s Fil-Americans.” The Batangueño Unit was commanded by one Captain Paulino Galicia (guerrilla rank) and operated out of Pantay, Tanauan. In this document1, Galicia wrote to the Commanding General of the PHILRYCOM, through channels, to request for reconsideration on the revision of the unit’s recognition dates.

1st Bn, “B” Co Batangueño Unit
Marking’s Fil-American Irregular Troops
Pantay, Tanauan, Batangas

6 February 1948



: Reconsideration for Revision Date of Recognition, Request for

: Commanding General, PHILRYCOM
   Attention Guerrilla Affairs Division, APO 707

1. Request for reconsideration for the revision of the date of recognition of the 1st Bn, “B” Co, Batangueño Unit, Marking’s Fil-American Irregular Troops, for the following reasons:

(a) That the determination in the revision date of the 1st Bn, “B” Co, Batangueño Unit, Marking’s Fil-American Irregular Troops, of which I was the Commanding Officer, was determined unfavorably without giving me a chance to present evidences which may merit the revision of the date of its initial recognition.

(b) That the organization of this unit was independent from the overall command of Col Marcos Villa Agustin, and that the procurement of arms and other supplies was made by me.

(c) That I adopted the name Marking’s Fil-Americans because I mistook it for an American-led unit.

(d) That only 24 men out of my whole company was recognized by AFPAC and that to deny revision of the initial date of recognition will be an added injustice to my men.

(e) That I can present witnesses and documents to prove the activities of the said unit from the date of its formal organization up to the period of attachment when my men and I fought side by side with the American Liberation Forces.

(f) That any sweeping denial for the revision of the date of its initial recognition would mean an irreparable injustice to these deserving guerrillas of my command who heroically fought for a cause which we honestly believe America will give a just recognition for the services we had rendered towards the prosecution of the war.

2. It is therefore humbly requested that a careful and thorough investigation be given my unit to give us an opportunity to prove our claim for this request.

Captain Infantry (Grla)
(Inactive Status)


Affidavits of different Guerrilla

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Notes and references:

1 “Batangueño Unit, MFA,” File No. 109-13, online at the United States National Archives.

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