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Lt. Bruce Bromley's Report on the Batangueño Unit, MFAT, July 1947

The 1st Battalion, “B” Company, Batangueño Unit was a guerrilla organization affiliated with the MFAT or Marking’s Fil-Americans Troops. The latter was a larger organization operating in Luzon commanded by one Marcos Agustin, hence the nickname “Marking.” This organization absorbed elements of Hugh Straughn’s Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT) after the American commander was captured and executed by the Japanese Army. Hence, the name “Marking’s Fil-Americans.” The Batangueño Unit was commanded by one Captain Paulino Galicia (guerrilla rank) and operated out of Pantay, Tanauan. In this document1, one 2nd Lt. Bruce Bromley, the officer assigned to investigate the Batangueño Unit, filed his report.

Guerrilla Files


10 July 47

1. 2nd Lt Bruce Bromley Jr investigated the unit file and report of investigation of the 1st Bn, Batangueño Unit, MFA, to determine whether or not revision of present recognition dates is warranted. The 1st Bn, strength 24, effective date of recognition, 2 April 1945, was recognized by letter, Headquarters, USAFFE, dated 1 April 1945, FEPA 370.64.

2. HISTORY: (See attached unit file)


a. No individuals were interviewed as the unit file is self-explanatory and the report of initial investigation is sufficient to validate the recommendation appearing in Par. 5 of this report.

b. Comments on the alleged history – The organization, as alleged, was completely passive, refraining from material contribution toward the eventual defeat of the enemy because of the fear of retribution involving the civilian populace. Higher authority from the GHQ of Marking advised del Pilar (unit CO) to remain passive and not to offer any active resistance. There is no activity alleged in the unit history that might possibly warrant revision of present recognition dates.

c. Comments on report of investigationby Lt B Bromley Jr – The following is extracted and quoted and being pertinent, authentic and conclusive: ”...the subject unit had no activities prior to the liberation... Col Marking stated that he had no knowledge of the unit during the period of resistance... Lt Breaz (of this headquarters) also said that the recognition portion of the unit deserves no revision of present recognition dates... It is further recommended that no revision of dates be contemplated for the 24 members recognized with the American Forces.”

d. Summary – The basis for the recommendation is conclusive.

4. POLITICAL ASPECTS: This unit has no political affiliation nor aspirations.

5. RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that the 1st Bn, Batangueño Unit, MFA be not favorably considered for revision of present recognition dates.

2nd Lt. Infantry
Notes and references:
1 “Batangueño Unit, MFA,” File No. 109-13, online at the United States National Archives.
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