US Army Letter Acknowledging Zobel's Request for Reconsideration, February 1947

The Zobel Guerrilla Unit was a guerrilla organization that supposedly operated from the western Batangas town of Calatagan. It was supposedly commanded by one Guerrilla Lt. Colonel Jacobo Zobel. The reader is advised that this unit failed to obtain official recognition from the United States Army and that many of its claimed achievements as well as manpower were found to have had overlaps with Emilio Macabuag’s Unit, another guerrilla organization that operated in and out of Calatagan. In this document1, one Captain R. E. Cantrell of the Philippines-Ryukyus Command wrote to Zobel to acknowledge receipt of the latter’s request for reconsideration of the guerrilla unit and to ask for more documentary evidence that would back up the request.
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GSCPU 091 PI / 1966F 00 APO 707
23 FEB 1947

Lt Col Jacobo Zobel
Office of the President
Manila, Philippines

Dear Sir:

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter, dated 3 February 1947, in which you request reconsideration of the unfavorable decision rendered by this headquarters on 7 September 1946, with regards the recognition of “A” Company, 1st Battalion, Lipa Guerrilla Regiment. [The reference to Lipa Guerrilla Regiment appears to be erroneous.]

It is the desire of this headquarters to avoid all appearance of arbitrary decisions in the case of claimant guerrilla units. Your request for reconsideration is therefore accepted. It must be emphasized, however, that it would be extremely helpful if you were to forward as quickly as possible such additional pertinent documentary evidence as has not been submitted previously and which, you feel, reflects favorably upon your claim. These additional data should be original documents, or photostatic copies of the original documents, or true copies of the original documents, certified to by United States Army officers of field grade on duty with the Guerrilla Affairs Division, G-3 Section of this headquarters.

Your request for reconsideration will be placed on file in this headquarters to await appropriate action at the earliest practicable date. You must appreciate that hundreds of claimant guerrilla units are now being initially investigated, and that review of rejected units must necessarily follow them.



Col. Gerald F. Lillard:

Basic, ltr fr Lt Col Jacobo Zobel to CG, PHILRYCOM, dtd 3 Feb 47, Subj: “Reconsideration, Request for,” requesting reconsideration for recgn of “Zobel’s Guerrillas of Calatagan, Batangas.”

1st Lt H H Burnett

Notes and references:
1 “Zobel’s Guerrilla Unit,” File No. 137, online at the United States National Archives.
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