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US Army Letter Recognizing the Special Detachment CUP, Anderson's Guerrillas, December 1947

The Anderson’s Guerrillas was a guerrilla movement organized by Major Bernard Anderson, an American officer who was in direct contact with the Southwest Pacific Area Command under General Douglas MacArthur and, thus, able to send direct intelligence reports by radio communications. This guerrilla organization was not specifically organized in Batangas, it had units formed and operating in the province, including one it sent to operate a radio station in the barrio of Pagolingin in Lipa and in the town of Mataasnakahoy, manned by BatangueƱos, which gathered and sent intelligence to the Allies. In this document1, one R. E. Cantrell of the Philippines-Ryukyus Command wrote to the Philippine Army to inform the Chief of Staff of the recognition of the Special Detachment Radio Station C.U.P. by the United States Army.
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GSCPU 091 PI / 2503 APO 707
16 DEC 1947



: Recognition of Guerrilla Unit (Supplementary)

: Chief of staff
   Armed Forces of the Philippines
   Camp Murphy, Quezon City

1. The unit listed above is recognized by the Commanding General, Philippines-Ryukyus Command, as having been an authorized element of the Philippine Army, serving with the Armed Forces of the United States, from 2 August 1943 to 3 April. 1945:

Unit Strength
C.U.P. (Supplementary Roster of Anderson's Guerrillas) 4

2. Individual members of the above mentioned unit are considered to have been inducted into the Philippine Army for the period indicated on the attached roster.

3. Under the provisions of Executive Order No. 21, by the President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, dated 26 October 1944, the status of the members of this unit, during the period above specified, was that of officers and enlisted men of the Philippine Army.

4. Under the provisions of Executive Order No. 68, by the President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, dated 26 September 1945, all officers and enlisted men of this unit, other than those who are members of the Regular Force or the Reserve Force of the Philippine Army, will be considered as having been discharged from the Philippine Army as of 30 April 1945.

5. The period of recognition listed in Paragraph 1, above, constitutes the entire determined period of the active military service of this unit with the Armed Forces of the United States and reflects final study on revision of recognition dates.



In Incl

Roster of Unit (In Dup)

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Lt Col Wallace M. Hanes:

1. The C.U.P. (Supplementary Roster of Anderson’s Guerrillas), composed of 7 members, under the command of Captain Alfonso Panopio, has been favorably reconsidered for recognition, with the strength of 4, for the period of 2 Aug 43 to 30 Apr 45.

2. The unit fulfils the requirements of the five (5) basic points for recognition (See Reconsideration Report).

3. Period of recognition constitutes revision as well as initial recognition.

4. No useful purpose will be accomplished by further investigation of this unit.

5. A casualty roster composed of 3 members has been submitted to the Casualty Section, Guerrilla Affairs Division, and it is recommended that the individuals be favorably considered.

6. This report constitutes final action on the request for recognition of the C.U.P. (Supplementary Roster Anderson’s Guerrillas).

[Sgd.] Robert L. Morton

Concur: Capt S C Buchanan, Chief, Reconsideration Sec

Capt A R Curtis, Chief, Unit Branch

Maj R V Sloan, Chief, Individual Branch

Notes and references:
1 “Special Detachment Radio Station CUP, Anderson’s Grlas,” File No. 101-13, online at the United States National Archives.

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