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December 29, 2017

Miscellaneous Documents of the Lone Wolf Intelligence Unit

The Lone Wolf Intelligence Unit was purportedly a guerrilla organization that operated out of the then-town of Lipa, Batangas. It was supposed to have been commanded by one Hermenegildo Lopez and supposedly affiliated with the Anderson’s Guerrillas of Bernard Anderson. This unit failed to get official recognition as an element of the Philippine Army in the service of the Armed Forces of the United States. However, a number of its members gained recognition as part of the “Anderson’s Guerrillas Batangas Military Chapter.” In this document1 are several documents submitted by the Lone Wolf Intelligence Unit to the United States Army as “evidences” to support its application for recognition as an element of the Philippine Army in the service of the Armed Forces of the United States during the liberation of the country.

[p. 1]

24th CO Platoon

CO “D” 596 Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion Apo 700.

14 March 1945

Permission granted to Sgt. Eugenio Tolentino 596 Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion Co “D” 24th Platoon to handle guerrillas to guard Radio and Camp anytime. This man carries weapon, Carbine serial no. 6087902.

2nd Lt. Sig, Co D



Permission granted to Sgt. Eugenio Tolentino 596 Signal Aircraft Battalion Co “C” 18th Platoon to handle guerrillas to guard Radio and Camp. Good any time.

This man carries weapons, Carbine, serial No. 6087902.

2nd Lt. Sig. C.

Note: The above are evidences of our attachment to Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion. The originals, which are badly mutilated, are in my possession and could be produced if necessary.

Attachment No. 1

[Sgd.] Hermenegildo L. Lopez

[p. 2]

14 Feb. 45

S I R :

The bearer, Pedro Dimayuga, is hereby authorized to deliver the amount of Fifty Pesos (₱50.00), Philippine money and two thousand Japanese notes for operational expenses. I know this is very little and not sufficient for the information and intelligence work furnished, however, I do hope that someday sometime you will be justly compensated.

About Lipa, I tried my best to have your desires carried to the extent of your prayer. If no action is taken, they have something behind it.

If you do have information, kindly give it to my courier so I can send it to G. H. Q.

Yours very respectfully,


NOTE: The above communication is a true copy of the letter written to me by the transmitter operator of the Radio Station C U P. The original is in my possession and can be produced if necessary.

The name BUSTER is the same man by the name of Edie Holgado AUS. All my intelligence reports and communications can be verified from AUS., Sergeant Edie Holgado.

Attachment No. 2

[Sgd.] Hermenegildo L. Lopez

[p. 3]


I, EMIGDIO T. PASCUA, Major (Executive Officer), “LONE WOLF” Intelligence Unit, Manila Area, do hereby certify that this unit possesses a radio receiving set which was used by the unit in disseminating Allied news to various areas for the purpose of counteracting the false Japanese propaganda during the enemy occupation;

This radio receiving set is owned and operated in the house of Captain Nicasio P. Libunao, also of this unit, at No. 2472 Pedro Guevarra Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila;

This radio receiving set was saved from “reconditioning” as required by the Japanese Military Administration during the occupation, through the craftiness of the unit personnel and especially of Captain Nemesio P. Libunao;

This radio receiving set, upon request, could be presented to prove the activities of the “LONE WOLF” Intelligence Unit in this particular.

Manila, Philippines, March 14, 1946.


Attachment No. 3

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Notes and references:

1 “Lone Wolf’s Intelligence Unit,” File No. 183, online at PVAO.

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