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Capt. Marcelo Ambat's Certification on the Tanauan Guerrilla Combat Team

The Tanauan Guerrilla Combat Team was a small resistance organization operating out of the Municipality of Tanauan during the Japanese occupation and the liberation period. It was supposedly founded by one Avelino T. Tapia in July 1942 but failed to gain official recognition as an element of the Philippine Army in the service of the Armed Forces of the United States. Some of its members, however, were recognized likely with other outfits or as individuals. In this page is a transcription1 of a certification issued by a Capt. Marcelino Ambat of a guerrilla outfit operating in Cavite on the Tanauan Guerrilla Combat Team’s attachment to a US Army unit as well as its activities while attached.
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The undersigned, MARCELO AMBAT, Capt. Guerrilla, C.O. of A-Co. of Moreno’s Bn, do hereby acknowledge the following:

That from 15 March 1945, a company of guerrillas under the command of Capt. AVELINO TAPIA was attached and assigned together with our guerrilla unit under the 2nd Bn. of the 187th Inf. Paraglider of the 11th Airborne Division under the direct command of Capt. Robert.
We were stationed in the barrio of Balele, Tanauan, Batangas for five days.
On 18 March 1945, our combined guerrilla units under the command of Capt. Tapia was successful in destroying the two trucks loaded with Japanese soldiers in the barrio of Payapa, which trucks we supposed were bound for the town of Malvar, coming from Lipa.
Capt. Tapia was credited with the destruction of two trucks of Japs, he having been in-charge of the demolition squad.
On 20 March 1945, we were taken to Makulot Mt. in the barrio of Dita.
For many times, we had encountered Japanese patrols and snipers. We had destroyed so many Japanese tunnels under the direct command of Lt. Sigle, of G-Company of the same battalion.
On 10 April 1945, we were taken to Sapac Mt. patrolling the barrios of Soloc, Talisay, Dagatan, Lumbang and at the same time guarding the two bridges in the heart of the town of Lipa.
For two times, Capt. Tapia was assigned to take charge of the patrol, supported with two tanks with 75 mm guns through the order of Lt. McDonald.
The mission was successful by rescuing for Japanese mules, two cows, and fifteen sacks of palay near the river at the foot of Mt. Dalaga.
The unit of Capt. Tapia had supported us until the province of Batangas was almost liberated.

His unit was later detached and assigned to the town of Tanauan, for policing the municipality from the Japanese stragglers by the order of Colonel Pearson, C.O. of the 187th Inf. Paraglider of the 11th Airborne Division, beginning 29 April 1945.

The activities of Capt. Tapia are accounted for by Lt. Joseph Weider, who took charge of them later.

The unit of Capt. Tapia is, therefore, entitled to recognition like ours.

C.O., A-Co.

Notes and references:
1 “Tanauan Guerrilla Combat Team,” File No. 109-89, online at the United States National Archives.

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