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Communications between Vanderpool and PHILRYCOM on the 2nd Regt Nasugbu FAIT


The Fil-American Irregular Troops or FAIT was a large guerrilla organization that operated in Luzon during the Japanese occupation. It was founded by the retired US Army Colonel Hugh Straughn. It had many affiliated units in many towns of Batangas, including two regiments in the western Batangas town of Nasugbu. The 2nd Regiment is the second of these. In this page1 are transcriptions of communications between Guerrilla Coordinator Lt. Col. Jay D. Vanderpool and the Adjutant General’s Office of the United States Army.

Guerrilla Files

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Washington DC
25 August 1947

Commanding General
Philippines-Ryukyus Command
Manila, Philippines


The undersigned is in receipt of a letter from MARCELINO T. ENRIQUEZ, former commander of the 2nd Regiment of the Nasugbu Fil-Americans with the guerrilla rank of Colonel. Enriquez has requested that I forward to your headquarters a statement of the facts known to myself regarding himself and his organization. He has forwarded a chronological record of his activities in support of the United States Army for my confirmation.

I have a personal knowledge of the 2nd Regiment of the Nasugbu Fil-Americans and of its commander, Marcelino T. Enriquez. Enclosed herewith is a copy of the chronological report of the activities of this unit which Enriquez has requested that I verify. I have indicated by marginal notes on this enclosure those actions which I recall or have records of.

This unit performed combat patrol duties for the 11th Airborne Division during the MIKE SIX Operation as well as furnishing several hundred men to do longshore work at the landing beach.

From my records or memory, I cannot state the exact number of casualties inflicted upon the Japanese but I do recall that the organization was utilized by the rear area forces for patrol duties in the vicinity of Nasugbu. They were used in conjunction with the other guerrilla forces in this area.

It is recommended that this organization receive such recompense as may be due for their actions in support of the United States Army from December 1944 through the period of the attack upon Manila and during the subsequent mopping up operations in Batangas.

[Sgd.] Jay D. Vanderpool
Lieutenant Colonel
Field Artillery
United States Army
1 Incl – Chronological Order of Activities of the 2nd Regt Nasugbu Fil-Americans.

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GSCPU 091 PI APO 707
4 OCT 1947

Lieutenant Colonel Jay D. Vanderpool
2304 40th Street North West
Washington D. C.

Dear Colonel Vanderpool:

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter, dated 25 August 1947, commenting of the activities of the 2nd Regiment, Nasugbu Fil-American Irregular Troops and the enclosed record of activities of this unit bearing your appropriate remarks.

For your information, the request for recognition of this unit under the command of Mr. Marcelino T. Enriquez was not favorably considered by this headquarters on 27 February 1947. A set of general requirements for guerrilla recognition, established by General MacArthur during the liberation of the Philippines, was used as a guide in considering the record of this unit. After careful investigation and full consideration of all substantiating records and testimony of witnesses having pertinent knowledge, recognition of this guerrilla unit was not deemed to be warranted.

Mr. Enriquez subsequently submitted a request for reconsideration of this unfavorable decision, which was accepted by the headquarters on 8 Mar 47. The records of this unit are presently pending restudy. Mr. Enriquez was requested to forward to this headquarters such additional pertinent documentary evidence as had not been submitted previously and which, he felt, reflected favorably upon his claim. This undoubtedly prompted his correspondence with you.

This headquarters appreciates the interest, time and effort you have rendered in elucidating the activities of this unit.

Asst Adj Gen

Lt Col Wallace M Hanes:

Basic, ltr fr Lt Col Jay D Vanderpool to CG PHILRYCOM dtd 25 Aug 47, forwarding facts and chronological record of activities of the 2nd Regt, Nasugbu Fil-American Irregular Troops.

1st Lt George E Kemper

Concur: Capt E R Curtis, Chief, Unit Branch
Notes and references:
1 “2nd Regiment, Nasugbu FAIT,” File No. 110-51, online at PVAO.
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