[PHOTO] Newly-Completed Batangas Provincial Hospital c. 1928 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

[PHOTO] Newly-Completed Batangas Provincial Hospital c. 1928

Apart from the construction of roads, bridges, administrative buildings, waterworks sytems and schools, among others, the American colonial government also invested in the improvement of the healthcare system in the country. This meant that construction of government-operated hospitals all around the Philippines.

For example, in Batangas, the colonial government built a one-story building of reinforced concrete next to the Provincial Capitol Building which was to be the Batangas Provincial Hospital. The contractor for the building was Feliciano Nable of Manila. This hospital project was completed at a cost of was ₱83,776.10.

Below, a photograph of the newly-completed Batangas Provincial Hospital. It was officially opened in January of 1928.
Newly completed Batangas Provincial Hospital, 1928
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Notes and references:
The image above was digitally extracted from the January 1928 edition of the Annual Report of the Director of Public Works.

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