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Statement of Mikio Taneichi on the Order for the Subjugation of Tanauan in 1945

Mikio Taneichi was one of four officers of the Imperial Japanese Army tried by the United States Military Commission in the aftermath of World War II in the Pacific for crimes committed in the Province of Batangas. Taneichi’s was a special case in that, apart from the usual mistreatment and massacre of non-combatant civilians, he was also charged with the rape of on teenage girl in the town of Tanauan. In this statement, which was presented to the military commission, Taneichi gave explicit testimony as to who gave the order for the “subjugation” of Tanauan, which subsequently led to the massacre of non-combatant civilians, including women and children.

The pages contained herein are now declassified and were part of compiled documentation1 of war crimes trials conducted by the United States Military Commission after the conclusion of World War II. This transcription has been corrected for grammar where necessary by Batangas History, Culture and Folklore. The pagination given is of the sequence of pages of the statement rather than the microfilm reel of the original document from where it was taken.

[p. 1]

I, Captain Mikio Taneichi of the Imperial Japanese Army, being duly sworn under oath, make the following statement:

I am the commander of the 7th Company of the 17th Regiment.

I have made this statement voluntarily and will take responsibility for all matters written herein.

During the period from February 7, 1945 to February 17, 1945, my unit and I had been in Tanauan, Batangas District. I received a direct order through telephone from the Regimental Commander Fujishige and Major Uehara to assist in the subjugation at Tanauan. 1st Lt. Yamada of the Air Corps came to me to discuss the matter concerning the subjugation. When I phoned the Regimental Commander concerning the subjugation, he gave me strict orders which included the subjugation of women and children. My protest was not considered. Instead, he scolded me and finally cut the telephone.

I believe that Major Uehara was present beside the Regimental Commander while we were conversing over the telephone.

On the 11th of February, I was ordered by Major Uehara to have an element of my unit attached to Captain Ginsaku Saito to assist in the subjugation at Calamba. Thereupon, acting as an escort, five or six of my men and I participated in the subjugation.

/s/ Taneichi Mikio

/t/ Taneichi Mikio

I solemnly swear and testify that the affidavit set forth is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

/s/ Taneichi Mikio

/t/ Taneichi Mikio

Subscribed and sworn to before me at [the] High Commissioner’s Residence, Manila, P.I., this 10th day of January 1946.

/s/ Philip L. Schmitz
2nd Lt., Infantry,
Investigation Officer War Crimes
Investigation Detachment

We, the undersigned, were present when Taneichi Mikio made the foregoing statement, and affixed his signature thereto.

/s/ Yasushi Yasutaki, 37643935
     Yasushi Yasutaki
     Technician Fourth Grade

/s/ Takashi Teramae
     Takashi Teramae, 30111824
     Technician Fourth Grade

[p. 2]

I, TAKASHI TERAMAE, 30111824, Technician Fourth Grade, War Crimes Investigating Detachment, being duly sworn on oath, state that the foregoing is a true translation of the Japanese portions of a statement written by Mikio Taneichi, Japanese Army, at the High Commissioner’s Residence, Manila, P.I. on 10 January 1946.

[Sgd.] Takashi Teramae, 30111824
Technician Fourth Grade

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 12th day of January 1946, at [the] Trade and Commerce Building, Manila, P.I.

Captain, Judge Advocate
General’s Department

Manila War Crimes Trial US Army
Photo taken during the war crimes trials in Manila.  Image credit:  U.S. National Archives.

Notes and references:
1 “Statement of Captain Mikio Taneichi,” part of the U.S. Military Commission compilation of war crimes documentation, online at the Internet Archive.
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