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Reconsideration Report on Company T, Rainbow Regiment


The Rainbow Regiment was a guerrilla organization that was based and operated basically in western Batangas under the command of the former Philippine Constabulary officer Mariano Cabarrubia. Company “T” was among its units or affiliates; and it was purportedly formed in the barrio of Inicbulan in the Municipality of Bauan. In this page is a transcription1 of a reconsideration report filed by one Lt. Marion Allbright on Company T of the Rainbow Regiment. Unfortunately, the file on this guerrilla outfit is incomplete and among the documents missing seems to be the first investigative report on this same outfit.

Guerrilla Files

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Report on reconsideration of Co. T, Rainbow Regt.,
Malakas Division (Guerrilla)


a. This Hqs is in receipt of a letter dated 11 March 1946, from Eugene Buhat, requesting recognition of a purported guerrilla unit known as “Company T, Rainbow Regt., Malakas Div” (Independent) (See Tab A).

b. On 25 Jan 47, Maj Vincent K. Coates and 1st Lt George E. Kemper proceeded to Nasugbu, Batangas to investigate the abovementioned unit. (See Tab B – TLR by Maj Coates and Lt Kemper)

c. On 10 Feb 47, a letter was sent to Mr. Buhat by this Hqs advising him that the abovementioned unit had not been favorably considered for recognition (See Tab C).

d. A letter from Mr. Buhat, dated 10 Feb 47, requesting reconsideration of abovementioned unit was received by this Hqs (See Tab D).

e. On 7 March 47, this Hqs advised Mr. Buhat, by letter, that Co T, Rainbow Regt., Malakas Div., would be reconsidered (see Tab E).

f. On 26 May 1947, 1st Lt Marion C. Allbright made a study of the unit file of Co. T, Rainbow Regt., Malakas Div, under the command of Eugene M. Magbuhat.


a. After a careful study of the unit file, a field investigation was not deemed necessary.

b. In Mr. Buhat’s letter requesting reconsideration (See Tab D), he claims that his organization was well-known. This claim is refuted by Maj. Coates’ Team Leader Report (See Tab B, pagragraphs c, d, and g) in which four prominent men of the area in which “Co T” allegedly operated, had not heard of the unit.

c. Mr. Buhat claims that his men were with Capt Bennet’s unit at Taboc (see Tab D). After a careful examination of all evidence submitted, it was found that there was no evidence of any kind to support this claim. (See Tab B, paragraphs b, f and h).

d. Mr. Buhat claims to have approached a Mr. Cubarrobia [Cabarrubia] and received an appointment as a Capt. (see Tab D).

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Col M. Cabarrobia, CO of the Rainbow Regt, said that he did not know of the existence of such an organization. (See Tab B, paragraph d).

e. Mr. Buhat claims that Anilao was “totally shaken into ashes” as a result of “assiduous information.” In Maj Coates’ report, he states that there is no record of evidence concerning any reports of intelligence information being submitted by this unit (see Tab B, paragraph b).

f. Mr. Buhat requested that this headquarters give his unit the “consideration of waiting for the letter of Capt Edwin R. Bennett” (see Tab D). In Mr. Buhat’s letter (see Tab A) requesting recognition, he says that a certificate of attachment would be secured from Capt Bennett. According to the TLR by Maj Coates, there was no certificate of attachment at the time of initial investigation (see Tab B), and there is none on file with this headquarters at the present time. It is felt that adequate time has been given Mr. Buhat to produce an attachment letter from Capt E. R. Bennett of the 158th RCT.


This unit appears to have no political affiliations or aspirations.


It is recommended in view of the lack of substantial supporting evidence, and the lack of any additional evidence:

1. That Co T, Rainbow Regt, Malakas Division be not favorably reconsidered for recognition in accordance with the original decision of this headquarters.

2. That the casualty report be not favorably considered.

3. That this constitute the final action to be taken by this headquarters on Co T, Rainbow Regt, Malakas Division (Independent).

1st Lt, FA
Notes and references:
1 “Co ‘T’, Rainbow Regt, Malakas Div, Blue Eagle Brigade,” File No. 213-9, online at the United States National Archives.
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