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Hunters-ROTC Memo Containing Excerpts of General Information Issued by GHQ-SWPA


The Hunters-ROTC was one of the large guerrilla organizations that operated in southern Luzon during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines on to the liberation period. It had many units operating in the area, including the Province of Batangas. A composite roster submitted by the overall command of the Hunters-ROTC was recognized by the United States Army as elements of the Philippine Army in the service of the Armed Forces of the United States during the liberation period. In this page is a transcription1 of a memorandum from Hunters-ROTC overall Commander Eleuterio Adevoso with excerpts of “general information” from the General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area Command of the United States Army.

Guerrilla Files

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CP: 2nd Bn., 49th Regt.

5 January 1945
: General Information from GHQ-SWPA
: All Concerned

( E X T R A C T )

1. The following information was given out by GHQ-SWPA Liaison Officer Major x x x x x, General Staff Corps, U.S. Army, now in this General Headquarters, in a conference with the staff officers of the Hunters or ROTC Guerrillas on x x x x x x x. They are hereby published for the information and guidance of all x x x x x x of the Hunters or ROTC Guerrillas.


10. It is also desired by GHQ-SWPA that guerrilla units prescribe areas which they would want to use as evacuation or hospital areas for civilians and guerrilla troops. The United States Air Forces will then be duly instructed not to bomb these places. x x x x x x

11. It is desired by GHQ-SWPA that guerrilla units encourage their troops and civilians to spend Jap currency for goods of a permanent value, if such goods can be obtained. Japanese currency will probably be valueless after the invasion.


14. The guerrilla forces will be notified when and where landing operations in Luzon will commence and take place. The notice will be very short. The guerrillas, as well as the loyal government officials, will then be given instructions to help and enjoin all civilians to quietly evacuate from the apparent battleground. When the United States forces tell the civilians to get out from a certain area, they should get out as quickly as possible, for everybody and everything inside the designated area will be completely wiped out. Moreover, it is possible that the Japs might repeat the tactics they used in Saipan of utilizing the civilians as a screen against the United States invasion forces. The United States forces regret that Filipino civilians have been adamant at heeding these and similar warnings, resulting in a number of casualties. It is expected that they will now listen to this warning.

15. Right now, it cannot be determined exactly which are the areas where landing operations will take place, because the enemy situation x x x x x x x. But it is desired by the GHQ-SWPA that right now, all civilians, if possible, quietly evacuate places where there are Jap positions, establishments or installations, such as airfields, supply depots, barracks, garrisons, too.


17. Upon the landing of the American forces in Luzon, all the manpower available, both men and women, will be needed to handle tremendous amounts of supplies that will be landed, intended for civilians, including food, clothing and medicine. Manpower will be needed to run kitchens and to distribute food, clothing and supplies. xxxxxxxx


19. All the available physicians and nurses will also be needed, because in modern warfare, numerous civilian casualties cannot be avoided, aside from the casualties in the United States and guerrilla forces. x x x x x . x x x x ordered to census the physicians and nurses within their respective areas and report to this Headquarters x x x x x . They shall also advise the physicians and nurses to hold themselves in readiness for service with the United States forces.


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20. Upon the landing of the American forces, the United States Military Government will function in the Philippines, thru the Commonwealth Government under President Osmeña, with military advisers both Americans and Filipinos. x x x x The present governmental setup will as much as possible be allowed to continue. All officials, unless proven to have pro-enemy inclinations, will be allowed to remain on their jobs, in order to prevent pillage, robbery, etc. by the people between the time the Americans land and the time the Jap forces are driven out. The existing law agencies will as much as possible be retained to enforce law and order.


Colonel, Infantry

1st Indorsement:

To all civilians concerned.
Captain, Guer. Inf.
Notes and references:
1 “C & G Co, 2nd Bn, 49th Regt, 47th Div, Hunters-ROTC,” file number 307-41, online at the United States National Archives.
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