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Bilogo, Taysan, Batangas: Historical Data Part III

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Historical data from the National Library of the Philippines.



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It was believed that the world was created by God together with mountains, caves and rivers. When the mountain is covered with thick clouds in the morning, the day will be hot. When the mountain peak is covered with a portion of cloud, and it happens to be rainy days, the following day will be raining. It is a sign of continuous rainfall.


Witches and [an] enchanted prince are said to inhabit the cave. It has been believed that caves are made by underground people or the encantos, and dwarves. So, it is not safe to stay in places where there are caves.


Uneducated citizens of the barrio thought that the sea have no coastal banks accept the one they had seen. It is dangerous to come close to the center of the sea, for there is a deep hole and [it] will inhale [you] to the bottom. Another belief is that there is a kingdom under the water inhabited by a half man and a half fish personality.

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Long ago, there was an old woman who owned a tamarind tree. She watched her plant everyday in order that nobody could gather the fruit. She was very stingy that she had but few friends. One day, a very old man passed by. He asked for some tamarind. He pleaded [with] the old woman to give him some. The old woman refused to part with her tamarind tree. Instead of giving the old woman some scolding, the old man minced no word. The woman uttered vulgar words. At a distance, the man vanished suddenly. The tamarind tree began to sink down, down, down together with the old woman. Water appeared on the spot. It was a wide body of water and they called it a lake.

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water that flows in the river originates from a spring owned by encantos. It is said that if the encantos transferred to other places, the river will turn empty. The spring will become dry. It is bad for the human being to sleep in the river. Dwarves will play jokes on you, which will cause you sickness. If you happen to slide and fall on a place near a spring, it is said that you have stepped on an encanto. So, the encanto will be the chief cause of your sickness. These are the common folk beliefs.


When it rains the whole day, the people look at the patola flower. If the flowers are bowing down to the ground it is already six o’clock in the evening. When a banana plant bears flowers, anting-anting can be obtained from it. Mangoes bear plenty of flowers and if they will not develop into fruits, that means the hardest will be bountiful. If other mango trees whose flowers come out later develop into fruits, later planting will be a good one. The planting will surely yield more than the earlier planting.

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Cows coughing on New Year’s Eve means good news to farmers. The coming harvest is bountiful. Two hens fighting for tell that visitors will come. A cat cleaning her face is also a sign of coming visitors. The hooting of an owl brings another fortune to planters. Rain will soon fall. The howling of dogs means somebody died in the neighborhood. A cock and a hen that grows together means [the] elopement of lovers. When a hen crows alone at midnight, it means somebody in that place is on the family way.


If the moon is very near the evening star, it is a date for lovers. Girls easily accept their suitors’ love. At full moon, suitors kneel before their future in-laws. It is also right or the correct season to pick coconuts. The meat of the coconuts are thick and full. Mushroom springs in great quantity during [the] full moon. It is bad to take a bath during the new moon. Never start anything between [the] last quarter and [the] new moon. It is said that marriage, giving birth, building a new house, bathing and planting have a connection with the position of the moon.

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Stars appearing with a tail have several meanings to barrio astronomers. They foretell a good harvest in the coming year. They also signify that war is imminent and a sign of danger is not far ahead.


During eclipses, the moon is said to be floating on the sea as to the knowledge of the barrio folks.


According of the residence, the earth is held up by someone with a gigantic figure living underneath. If he moves his first finger, the earth will shake. When all fingers move, the earthquake will be very hard. It is desirable to set a hen for hatching. The chicks are sickly and few can survive. Earthquakes bring bad luck to poultry men for the price of the eggs will surely soar doll.


When lightning flashes, and the thunder roars, it is believed that an object is being hit by thunder. Sometimes, thunder resembles a figure of a chicken, a pig, a cow, a carabao, or even any common animal in that place. Their belief is that it runs to any direction and when it strikes an object, it bursts out.

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When the day is dark and the wind is strong, and black clouds sail southward, [a] storm will occur. White clouds in the morning for tell good weather.


In May, a Novena for Sto. Niño and Flores de Mayo is held. The purpose is to ask for rain. They believe in the fact, that it will not rain if the majority of the people in the barrio have committed sins.


San Lorenzo is the patron saint of the wind. Whenever it rains and the wind blows hard, the old folks called on him to stop the wind. When riding on boats, it is bad to strike the sail for it will cause a strong wind to blow.


God is responsible in regard to climatic condition, according to the barrio folks. Our Lord has all powers in the creation of everything. This barrio has a temperate climate.


Notes and references:
Transcribed from “Historical and Cultural Life of the Barrio (of Bilogo),” 1953, online at the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections.
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