Act No. 1514 Separating Talisay from the Municipality of Tanauan, 1906

In 1903, Act Numbered 958 of the Philippine Commission reduced from 22 to 16 the number of municipalities under the Province of Batangas. That same year, Act Numbered 977 was also passed by the commission amending the previous act and further reducing the number of municipalities to 15 by placing Lian under the jurisdiction of Nasugbu.

In 1906, the commission increased the number of municipalities back to 16, but by creating the Municipality of Talisay from several barrios erstwhile under the town of Tanauan. This separation was contained in Act Numbered 1514 of 1906, the contents of which are provided below:

AN ACT Increasing the number of municipalities in the Province of Batangas from fifteen to sixteen, by separating from Tanauan the former municipality of Talisay, reconstituting the latter as a municipality, and giving to each the territory which it comprised prior to the passage of Act Numbered Seven hundred and eight.

By authority of the United States, be it enacted by the Philippine Commission, that:

SECTION 1. The fifteen municipalities of the Province of Batangas, as established by Act Numbered Nine hundred and seventy-seven, amendatory of Act Numbered Nine hundred and fifty-eight, shall, in accordance with the provisions of this Act, be increased to sixteen, by separating the former municipality of Taiisay from the municipality of Tanauan. The municipality of Tanauan shall consist of the territory of which it was constituted prior to the passage of Act Numbered Seven hundred and eight, and the municipality of Talisay is hereby reconstituted and shall consist of the territory of which it was constituted prior to the passage of said Act.

SEC. 2. The changes provided for in section one of this Act shall not go into effect until after the next regular municipal elections in the province of Batangas, and shall in no way interfere with the holding in the regular manner of the municipal elections in the municipalities of Tanauan and Taal, the boundaries of which are changed by this Act. The municipal election in the newly constituted municipality of Talisay shall be held in accordance with the rules contained in Act Numbered Seven hundred and thirty, as amended by Act Numbered Nine hundred and twenty-eight.

SEC. 3. The public good requiring the speedy enactment of this bill, the passage of the same is hereby expedited in accordance with section two of “An Act prescribing the order of procedure by the Commission in the enactment of laws,” passed September twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred.

SEC. 4. This Act shall take effect on its passage.

Enacted, July 23, 1906.

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