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Information Request from Jose Diosana, September 1947

The Fil-American Irregular Troops was a large guerrilla outfit founded by ex-United States Army officer Colonel Hugh Straughn. It operated in a wide area in Luzon and had many units in the different towns around the province of Batangas. The Batangas Guerrilla Headquarters, operating in the town of Batangas, was one such unit. In this page are contained a collection of short memoranda included in the files of the Batangas Guerrilla Headquarters each too short to be given a separate page. The memos are separated by a line from each other.

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Tanza, Cavite
30 September 1947


: Information , Request for

: The Adjutant General, 11th Airborne Division, Japan APO 468

1. Request that I’ll be informed of what action has been taken re my basic communication dated 22 June 1947, Subjectd: “Supplementary Roster of Batangas Guerrilla Headquarters Fil-American, released on 10 July 45, recognized by AFFAC 31 January ’45 missing.”

2. First Lieutenant Ceferino Machaco 0-42115 Infantry, requests for individual recognition was disapproved. He was one of those officers affected in said missing Roster.

3. Attached is the list given by Major Jack P Barton, to me when I and sixteen others reported to Camp Murphy for processing, original was signed by Major Jack P Barton. Guerrilla Coordinator that time. Said list was extracted from the first Roster and supplementary Roster of the Batangas Guerrilla Headquarters.

4. Inclosed are other allied papers.

5. I further request that prompt and proper action be made.


4 Inclosures:

1. Basic Communication dated 22 June 1947
2. Letter of Instruction Major Jack P Barton
3. List of Batangas Guerrilla Headquarters personnel who were ordered by Major Jack P Barton to report to Camp Murphy for processing.
4. Letter from Hqs PHILRYCOM, dated 4 Sept 1947.

Notes and references:
1 “BATANGAS GRLAS HEADQUARTERS, I CORPS, PQOG,” File No. 110-66, downloaded from PVAO.

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