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Final US Army Letter to Diokno on Non-Recognition of the Triumvirate Guerrillas, September 1947

The Triumvirate Guerrillas was a purported guerrilla outfit that operated in Lemery, Taal and San Luis with its headquarters in the last town. The organization failed to gain official recognition from the United States Army and was even accused of being a fake organization. In this page1 is a transcription of a letter from one Thomas J. Brown of the US Army’s Adjutant General’s Office informing Narciso Diokno of the Triumvirate Guerrillas that his request for reconsideration, while accepted, had after review again failed to show that the unit was worthy of recognition.
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GSCPU 091 PI/1989 APO 707
25 SEP 1947

Mr. Narciso Diokno
San Luis, Batangas
Luzon, P.I.

Dear Mr. Diokno:

The Commanding General has directed that you be informed that the Triumvirate Guerrillas, purporting to be a guerrilla organization under your control, previously not favorably considered for recognition, has been reconsidered at your request.

A thorough review of the supporting papers of this organization, and a detailed examination of the additional evidence submitted with your request for reconsideration, together with a careful analysis of all other available information of the activities of your unit from its inception, scrutinized in relation to the overall resistance movement, has again failed to reveal sufficient material to satisfy the requirements for recognition of your unit as an element of the Philippine Army in the service of the Armed Forces of the United States. The Triumvirate Guerrillas unit is, therefore, not favorably reconsidered for modification of the original decision of non-recognition.

This letter constitutes the final determination of and action upon the claim for recognition of the Triumvirate Guerrillas unit.



Lt Col Wallace M Hanes:

1. The Triumvirate Guerrillas, composed of 870 members, under the command of Narciso Diokno, has not been favorably reconsidered for recgn. No members have been previously recgnd.

2. This unit does not fulfill the requirements of the five (5) basic points for recgn. See attached reconsideration report.

3. No casualty roster has been submitted. No casualties are recommended for favorable consideration.

4. There are no members worthy of individual recgn.

5. This report constitutes the final action by this (over)

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headquarters on the Triumvirate Guerrilla unit.

[Sgd.] 1st Lt. Marion C. Allbright

Concur: Capt S C Buchanan, Chief, Reconsideration Sec

Concur: Maj R V Sloan, Chief, Individual Branch

Concur: Capt E R Curtis, Chief, Unit Branch

Notes and references:
1 “Triumivate Guerrillas,” File No. 112, online at the United States National Archives.

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