Map of Guerrilla Operating Sectors in Western Batangas and Cavite

Below is a sketch map showing the operational sectors of some known guerrilla outfits operating in western Batangas and Cavite during the Japanese occupation just before the landing of forces of the United States Eighth Army on the beaches of Nasugbu. Primarily, however, the map was created to indicate the combat areas and zone of operation of the Desacola Regiment of the Nasugbu Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT). This fairly detailed map has been digitally extracted from the files1 on the guerrilla outfit originally taken from the web site of the PVAO.

The map also shows the operational areas of the Hunters-ROTC, who hosted Major Jay D. Vanderpool, an agent from the General Headquarters of Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) Command; the Golden and Rainbow Regiments; the Gold Area Unit; and the Gagalac Guerrilla Unit, all operating from the Taal-Lemery area to Nasugbu.

Also shown are the operational sectors of the Erne and CastaƱeda units in the neighboring province of Cavite.

Map of Guerrilla Operational Sectors

Map of guerrilla operating sectors
Map of guerrilla operating sectors in western Batangas and Cavite.

Click here to download a high resolution version of the map above.

Notes and references:
1 “2nd Regiment, Nasugbu FAIT,” File No. 110-51, online at PVAO.
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