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General Orders Constituting 49th Regiment of the Hunters ROTC Guerrillas in Batangas

The Hunters/ROTC were a guerrilla group formed in 1942. Initially operating in Rizal Province, the group would also have a sizable presence in Batangas and would be instrumental in providing intelligence to the United States forces leading to the assault landing at Nasugbu on 31 January 1945.

More information about the group is available in this article → “Operations of the Hunters/ROTC Guerillas in Batangas Prior to the 1945 Nasugbu Landing in WWII.”
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In the document1 below, Hunters/ROTC Commander Terry Adevoso issues General Orders assignment constituting regiments in Manila and the provinces covered by the guerrilla group’s operations.

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14 October 1944

General Orders
No. 1

In view of the exigencies of the service necessitating changes in command, the following reorganization is hereby made and published for the information and guidance of all concerned:

1. The District Commander shall have a Chief of Staff.

2. The Fourth Military District shall be divided into two Division areas each under a Division Commander.

3. The provinces of Rizal, Laguna and Taybas shall compose one Division area to be known as the 44th Division.

4. Pre-war Manila and the provinces of Cavite and Batangas shall compose the other Division area to be known as the 47th Division.

5. Each province and the City of Manila shall constitute a regimental area. The regiments shall be known as follows:

Rizal – 44th Regiment
Laguna – 45th Regiment
Tayabas – 46th Regiment
Manila – 47th Regiment
Cavite – 48th Regiment
Batangas – 49th Regiment

6. The 47th Regiment shall be a special intelligence and sabotage regiment.

7. For better results in intelligence work, the District Chief of Staff shall directly supervise the intelligence operations of the 44th Division, while the District Commander shall supervise that of the 47th Division.

8. In all matters other than intelligence work, the 44th and 47th Divisions shall be under the direct supervision and control of the District Commander.

9. Otherwise, the set-up of the organization shall remain the same.

10. All the necessary readjustments shall be made accordingly and as soon as possible.

Colonel, Guer. Inf.,

1 Dist. C. of S.
1 C.O. 44th Div.
1 C.O. 47th Div.
1 File

Notes and references:
1 Box 246, Entry 1087, Philippine Archive Collection, Record Group 407, (US) National Archives. Online at the Philippine Veterans Association Office.
2 Magtanggol was a nom de guerre used by Eleuterio “Terry” Adevoso, Commander of the Hunters ROTC Guerrillas. “Terry Adevoso,” Wikipedia.

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